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Angie's List Super Service Award Winner For Ivy Removal

Hall's Landscaping is the seven time reigning and defending Super Service Award winner in the category of Ivy removal on Angie's List. English Ivy is the bane of any homeowner's existence - while it has it's uses, for the most part, English Ivy is a nuisance who's drawbacks far outway it's benefits. Removal of English Ivy is a slow, painful, and labor intensive activity that is better left to someone else. That is where we come in - this year, Hall's Landscaping was the proud winner of another Angie's List Super Service Award for Ivy Removal. That means that we are at the top of the class for Ivy Removal services in Falls Church!

Why Is Hall's Landscaping English Ivy Removal Better Than The Rest?

For English Ivy Removal in Falls Church, there is no company higher rated or more universally respected than Hall's Landscaping. Why is that, you ask? Our work and process are simply better. If you were to spend a lot of time researching Ivy removal, you would find that the average rate of return for English Ivy after it's been removed is 15% on the low side and about 25% on the high side after a year. When Hall's is done removing English Ivy, the average return rate in 1 year is under 10% and sometimes as low as zero! The simple fact is that Hall's Landscaping is better at removing Engilsh Ivy than every other landscaper in Northern Virginia. While each Ivy Removal job has it's own methods, the basic plan that we use is this:

  • Remove The Ivy By Hand - While Cutting It Back And Spraying The Ivy Can Be Relatively Effective, If You Want To Keep It From Coming Back, There Is No Substitute For Getting Down On Our Hands And Knees And Removing English Ivy By Hand.
  • Clear The Other Weeds, Junk Plants, Etc. From The Ivy Areas - English Ivy Thrives In Damp, Acidic Soil Which Is The Same Conditions That Can Lead To Junky, Weedy, And Viney Patches. Removing The Weeds And Vines And Junk That Tend To Grow In Ivy Patches Will Allow You To Do Something Productive With The Area That Can Keep Those Weeds Away.
  • Spray The Ivy Removal Areas Where Appropriate - While The Proliferation Of Yard Sprays Has Lead Some To Question Their Use In Yards, Ivy Removal Is One Of Those Things In A Yard Where A Poison Can Be Effective. Even After It Has Been Removed By Hand, Some Roots Are Going To Remain For A While And The Most Effective Way To Make Sure They Die Is To Spray Them With Something Like GroundClear.
  • Cover The Ivy Area With Something - While English Ivy Does Thrive In Damp, Shady Areas, That Is More Of A Soil Thing Than A Sun Thing. When An Area With English Ivy Has Been Cleared, The Soil Will Be Incredibly Rich And Those Leftover Roots Will Photosynthesize New Ivy Quickly If They Are Left Exposed To The Sunshine. To Keep The Ivy From Coming Back, The Area Must Be Covered With Something Like Mulch Or Woodchips Or Something Along Those Lines. If The Area Is Going To Be Converted To Grass Down The Line, We Always Suggest Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch Because It'll Dissolve Over Time And Won't Have To Be Removed To Plant The Grass. If It's A Larger Area Or Something Out Of The Way, Woodchips Are Usually Better Because The Last Longer And Don't Provide Any Extra Nutrients To The Soil.
  • Maintaining The Ivy Area - A Little Amount Of Maintenance Goes A Long Way In Keeping English Ivy Away For The Long Term. Whether It's Pulling The Odd Shoot Of Ivy When It Pops Up Or Occasionally Spraying The Cleared Area, A Few Minutes Of Effort A Month Will Be All The Difference On Whether Your Ivy Comes Back Or Not.

Removing English Ivy is a tedious task, so why not let Hall's Landscaping do it for you? Give Hall's a call today to find out how we can make Ivy removal easier for you!

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