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Pruning is a great way to promote new growth and revitalized blooming for your established plants. Pruning is also a great way to get unwanted branches or growth out of your bushes, hedges, and shrubs. Trimming is a great way to keep all of your hedges looking their very best at all times. Another benefit of pruning and trimming is that it ensures that plants have adequate room for growth and spread - this is imperative to the survival of any plant. Bushes that are growing into each other form an ideal hedge, but this is not what you want to happen to specimen plants around your yard (for the Northern Virginia area, think azalea hedge vs. Japanese Maple trees). Proper spacing of plants isn't just reserved to roots and trunks - plants reach towards lights, and this can cause them to become an intertwined mess that hurts both of the plants. If your plants haven't been trimmed or pruned in a while and are growing together when they aren't supposed to be, this can cause them to choke each other out, stop producing new growth, or even die.

Proper Pruning Techniques

Proper pruning techniques are as important to the life and health of a plant as anything else, including sunlight and water. An aspect of pruning that is often overlooked to dire consequences in the Northern Virginia area is timing - certain bushes and shrubs need to be cut at certain times, and if they aren't, serious damage can occur.

Another common mistake of pruning in Northern Virginia is NOT cutting dead and dying branches off when they are first noticed. Plants will waste a lot of energy sending nutrients and resources to these areas instead of to the areas they are actually needed - this inevitably leads to plant death, especially in June and July in Northern Virginia when the temperature is 98 degrees everyday and it hasn't rained in weeks.

Another pruning mistake related to the same problem involves something called "suckers" - these are small off-shoots that grow off the trunk of plants and trees that "suck" the energy and nutrients away from the top of the plant or tree - this causes wilting and lack of blooms on bushes and shrubs; on trees, "suckers" will cause higher branches to eventually die off and become a hazard to those things underneath them because dead branches WILL fall off at some point - ALWAYS! Think of how many times one of those signature Northern Virginia thunderstorms with the 50 MPH winds has blown through your neighborhood and crushed a car, boat, or part of a house.

Some aspects of pruning are a little more simple - using the right tool to do your pruning (bypass pruner vs. loppers vs. chainsaw), making sure your tools are always sharp, and making sure you have a plan for what you are doing so that you don't prune the wrong branch or trim the wrong hedge. You would be surprised how often that last one is a problem for people!

Why Let Hall's Landscaping Do Your Pruning And Trimming?

While we at Hall's Landscaping adhere to the above pruning and trimming techniques, we have another reason you should let us do the cutting for you: Hall's Landscaping has won the last seven Angie's List Super Service Awards for landscaping in Northern Virginia. This means that Hall's has been recognized for excellence in the landscaping field, including our pruning and trimming work. To find out more about Angie's List, the requirements for winning a Super Service Award, or details on the 5 Super Service Awards Hall's Landscaping won in 2010, the record setting 7 Super Service Awards we won in 2011 and 2012, or the pile of awards we've won since, click Here.

Keep your plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees looking good, happy, and healthy by letting Hall's Landscaping come and give them the pruning and trimming you both deserve.

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